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Support and Skills

Starting Soon!
Tuesdays 6-7pm
American Fork UT
Contact for dates
8 Week course $160

$20 off if you refer a friend to register and attend

The transition from elementary school can be a difficult one, filled with concerns, questions, excitement, and anxiety.  This group is intended to support and help tweens learn, make friends, discuss and have fun. Each week we will have a discussion, an activity, and an informative lesson to prepare these kids for their next big adventure. 


Presented by Jen Long, ACMHC. Jen has a love for helping youth develop and learn!!  Please join us, we'd love to have you!

Who Should Attend?


  • Starting 7th grade

  • Who show some withdrawal from connection

  • Who may have feelings of low self worth

  • Who may be feeling anxiety about changes

This group will cover:

Week 1- Self-Care

Week 2- Anxiety/Depression

Week 3- Stress and time management

Week 4- Socialization & Friends

Week 5- Bullying

Week 6- Social Media

Week 7- Responsibility

Week 8- Family & Home Life

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