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We Om Collective

At We Om Collective  we believe in the power of healing and overcoming. Many of us have learned habits and held onto limiting beliefs that might be holding us back. This Trauma-Informed Yoga course is designed to help you unlearn those patterns, and return to your authentic, happiest self.  Each week, we--Breana and Tiffany--lead you through gentle yoga flows establishing presence and reconnecting with the body in a way that feels safe.  We also teach and discuss healthy recovery tools throughout the practice.  We connect as a group and foster peace and hope toward creating the life and relationships you are seeking.

With a collective of 600+ hours of certifications, we are experienced not only in critical Trauma-Informed Yogic teachings, but have experienced our own individual healing from trauma experiences.  This course gives us the opportunity to to share what has "saved our lives" and directed our way of being.

--Breana & Tiffany