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Meet Tiffany Hilton

I've never felt more awake in my life!

Six years ago, I was thrown into a journey of healing and self-discovery with no comprehension of what my future would look like.  I had been living my life as if I was asleep - disassociated from reality with severe anxiety and depression.  My  life continued to spiral, and slow down in such a way where I couldn't leave my bed.  It was right there at rock bottom when my therapist recommended that I try yoga, but not just any yoga - yoga therapy.

I sat in my first trauma-informed yoga class and felt deep in my soul that this is exactly where I needed to be.  Surrounded by women  who not only undedrstood where I was in life, but who genuinely wanted to support and love me!  

I remember sending my yoga instructor an email telling her that I was taking her course "VERY seriously", and indeed I was.  Every week, for one year I spent multiple hourse a day in yoga therapy.  I soaked up every ounce of knowledge I could get my hands on; investing in three yoga therapy courses, one mindfulness training course, and then landed my first 200 hour yoga teacher training.  I spent my free time studying chakras, yogic philosophy, meditation, and spirituality from any religious or philosophical source I could get my hands on.

Through time, patience, practice, more practice, and continued love of self, I have bridged my gap between Trauma and Recovery by learning how to find safety within the walls of my own skin.  I've never felt more awake in my life, and my goodness, I am beyond grateful to be awake to the beauty this life has to offer.

I have created these courses to help others do the same! This course gives me the opportunity to share what has "saved my life" and directed my way of being.  I cannot wait to support your return to your authentic and happiest self.

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