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Adolescent Support & Skills Group

10 week group starting soon!

Summit View is offering a 10 week group for adolescents. The struggle to balance so many different aspects of our lives can be overwhelming. Managing stress, family, friends, school and navigating all the emotions involved in doing so can leave us feeling drained, alone and overwhelmed.

You are not alone in the way that you are feeling! Others have experienced and are experiencing struggles that are similar. Working together as a group can provide a major source of strength in our lives. Together, we will learn how to cope in healthy ways with our challenges. This course will assist individuals on their path to understanding, healing and most importantly, self-love.

Group Topics-

· creating a healthy environment

· understanding emotions

· stress and management

· bullying, social media, relationships

· parental relationships

· balancing life activities

· body image

· spirituality

· coping strategies

This group will provide-

· the chance to connect with peers

· a trained professional leader

· open forum for discussion

· tools for healthy lifestyle

10 Week Group

April 25 - June 27, 2022

Mondays 5:30-6:30 pm

$250 ($25 per group)

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